Wednesday, November 01, 2006

trick or treat -- halloween 2006

we were all ready and waiting on the little spooks to show up, as jacob/amanda had talked w/ summer/lucas and planned to have all the kids there at the same time. grandpa jerry had the picture spot all ready for the kids -- if we could just get them there and corralled in the same spot long enough to take pictures!

here's the final product from the picture time -- all of our grandchildren dressed up for halloween, w/ uncle scott helping to hold the littler ones. scott, dressed up as mr. clean, was holding riahna (as toto) and joey (as a spider) while seated next to johnny (as a vampire), raven (as dora dressed up as dorothy -- but that's another story!), and jimmy (as chicken little). they were all so adorable and cute -- their parents did a great job on their costumes!!! we were so proud of all our little spooks that i had postcards printed up of them and sent out to all our family and my postcard swap friends.

-- don't worry -- i'll insert picture here when i get home and scan the postcard that i send out --

here, grandpa jerry and memaw get some special hugs and kisses before raven and riahna (i mean dorothy and toto) headed off to surprise other people with their trick-or-treating!

uncle scott grabs whatever hugs, kisses and attention he can while the little ones are around. he's really good w/ kids, so that also makes him more popular! raven just thinks he's pretty special and especially loves to wake him up when she comes out to our house!

giggle, giggle, dodge the dripping drool. uncle scott holds riahna up and gets her ready for a good kissing match!

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