Friday, November 24, 2006

little girls and santa

one of the reasons that we like the mall of the great plains so much is because of this santa. he is so cute and such a nice person. he has such a pleasing personality that kids just love him. in the last 4 years, i haven't seen a kid that has been the least bit afraid of him or has misbehaved while being w/ him. he's just so calm and happy and easy to be around.

here is santa and raven . . . . .

here's santa and riahna . . . . .

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here's santa w/ both girls. when i asked summer if she told santa what she wanted for christmas, she said she told him that she and riahna wanted a bike "like mitchell and maxwell have". somehow i don't think riahna cares too much for getting a bike for christmas, but raven is convinced that riahna wants a bike, too.

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