Thursday, November 23, 2006

crash and burn - thanksgiving night

thanksgiving was a full day, w/ dinner at mickie's house and family time, packing suitcases at memaw's, and loading up in jerry's car to go to kansas city for the weekend. summer and lucas were gone to the chiefs game, so the little girls were w/ us for the day.

family time at mickie's house was great and we stayed there until around 4 or so. then we went back to our house and got our things ready to be gone for the weekend. we didn't try to get the little girls down for nap as we figured they would sleep in the car. i was just about exhausted by the time we got in the car, but no naps were in our near future.

the ride up to kc w/ the girls wasn't bad, but riahna really needed a nap and was determined not to take one. we even stopped at a gas station to give her a break out of the car seat and have a bottle, but no nap was oncoming. she was just pumping her little legs for all she was worth -- her latest nap-stalling technique . . . i can't sleep if i'm still moving.

raven couldn't wait to get to the hotel b/c she wanted to go swimming w/ memaw. she was so anxious and excited and she kept forgetting not to put her feet out into jerry back of the seat, so she kept poking him in the back. after a while, he said, "raven, remember not to put your feet up into jerry's back, ok?"

she sat there for a little bit and then said (in a very pathetic voice), "jerry, you don't have to yell at me . . . i'm just a little girl." it was so comical because jerry is about the last person on earth who would be yelling at her. he wasn't even talking in a loud voice or sounding impatient. she's just learning how to use things to her advantage. i just about choked to keep from laughing at the face jerry was making after being admonished by a 3 year old -- it was really quite comical overall!

jerry was very anxious to get to the hotel b/c he wanted to watch the chiefs game at 7. we were just getting to the hotel at 7, so by the time he got our stuff up to the room, the game had started. raven wanted to swim and riahna needed a bottle and a nap, so jerry got to keep riahna while i went swimming w/ raven. i'm not sure what happened w/ jerry and riahna, but jerry was quite tired out by the time i got back from swimming as riahna was still determined not to take a nap and had cried most of the time i was gone. she was asleep as i entered the room, so i got the "don't make a sound or i'll strangle you" look.

after swimming, raven and memaw had a nice, long, hot shower and got ready for bed. it wasn't too long before summer and lucas got back, but they were quite wound up after the game and all. they came in a talked for a while before going on to their own room

it was probably about midnight by the time they got to their own room, their things carried up and the girls moved over there -- the girls didn't take long at all to just crash for the night. as you can tell, these are 2 tired little girls. the 2 tired grandparents are not pictured!

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