Wednesday, November 08, 2006

big news - johnny is on the cover!

last thursday when amanda dropped johnny off to kindergarten, she went out to pick up treats and then went back to the school. she was stopped in the hallway and the principal asked her how come she hadn't told anyone that johnny was on the cover of the pitt state magazine. amanda was surprised and said, "i didn't know!"

during class time, the principal and superintendent came to johnny's class with the magazine and made a big deal over johnny's picture being on the cover. johnny is a HUGE pitt state fan and has attended almost all football games since his birth (both home and away games), so he's a loyal fan and well-known there.

amanda called jacob w/ the news that johnny was on the cover of the pitt state magazine, so jacob called me to see how to get some of these magazines or if i could get them for him. after a few calls, i had secured a stack of these magazines and lucas was kind enough to pick them up for me while he was running around on campus. this magazine is a production of pittsburg state university and is mailed out to the alumni, sponsors, and prospective clients/students/faculty, etc. it really is quite a big production, and a fortunate coincidence that someone saw johnny's picture on the cover and let us know to grab some!


Anonymous said...

i can see johnny on the cover someday as pitt state player of the week. Go johnny. grandpa jerry

Warren Bunch said...

Way to go, Johnny!!! You're such a big star, now!!!

We love you!!! - Uncle Lucas, Aunt Summer, Raven, and Riahna