Tuesday, May 02, 2006

correction and thanks

just a note to point out that i have made a correction to the information on the "kidnapped" post regarding the phone message left by melenda friel for jacob and amanda about the missing children. the idea is the same, but the quote is specific (according to the victims of this crime).

for the person who was kind enough to send THIS message --
"I read over your blog carefully and aside from the grammatically errors (I can let those slide since personal "blogging" is considered informal writing), I also found many factual errors and errors in judgement."

"grammatically errors"? h-m-m-m, somehow i find judgment from someone with writing of this caliber hardly worth reading and definitely not worth considering. certainly not a credible source to critique my writing skills.

perhaps this person should look more to his personal life for correction? maybe in many more ways than in his grammar? of course, when he can be so self-righteous as to overlook his own mistakes to comment on someone else's assumed mistakes, what can a person expect?

and for this "concerned person" -- i'm not surprised for you to say that my opinions or actions just "blows your mind" . . . your mind is a very small thing, so it wasn't much of a waste to blow it.

the next time you consider offering your opinion or advice -- don't bother. the opinion of your small mind means nothing to me.