Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tuesday Ten - 10 things you cannot live w/o in fridge/pantry

What 10 things do you feel you cannot live without in your refrigerator or pantry?

1. coke
2. fruits/veggies
3. better than bouillon - chicken and beef
4. fresh garlic
5. coke
6. tortilla chips (scoops)
7. rotel
8. campbell's chunky chicken noodle soup
9. cooking wine (white, sherry, marsala)
10. olive oil

if i could add a #11 -- it would be COKE!!! i'm a coke-drinker like most smokers smoke -- i alwas have a hidden one tucked away in case some idiot drinks my last one. my kids always knew better than to take the last one, too! i'm limiting myself pretty strictly to 1-2 cans a day -- depending upon the stress level of
the time.

one really nice thing for us on groceries, though, is that we have our own beef butchered from my family's farm and we buy chicken in bulk when it's on sale. right now, not another package would fit in our 6' chest freezer. makes shopping and meal planning much easier!

last summer, i saw a scary thing . . . the bottom of the freezer. i kind of panicked, but my brother called a few days later stating that he needed to haul a couple steers to the butcher market, so it just was perfect timing. thanks to our excessive gardening, we also have some fantastic home-canned greenbeans, tomatoes, jalapenos, and more. hopefully we will have a much more gardener's dream summer this year instead of like the last 3 years.

funny how limiting these things to 10 makes a person stop and think about what is important. not that i succeeded to the limit, but i did spend a lot of time thinking about what i did and didn't really need to make the list!

Tuesday Ten - 10 commercials i love

Tuesday Ten - 1/25 - opposites now -- the top 10 commercials that i lOVE to watch.

1. Etrade babies, but especially the one who says "let me show me my surprise face" ( or the other one that says "apparently riding the dog is frowned upon in this establishment!" (

2. volkswagon - the force - child as darth vader, who thinks he started the car w/ "the force" while his father hit the start button from inside the house. so cute = so hilarious!

3. heinekin entry video --

4. toyota accord video "COG" -- absolutely amazing! especially when you read about the filming of it and that it was ALL done in one take w/ NO editing. of course, it took several hundred tries!

5. hershey's kisses --,, and

6. coca-cola ads -, or, plus any other videos of coca-cola listed on youtube.

7. amazon kindle -,,

8. TMNT (teenager mutant ninja turles for those of you not old enough to know!). Pizza Hut --

9. flo in progressive commercials -- she just cracks me up! i love the new snapshot commercial -

10. geico little piggy ad - makes me laugh every time! -


11. cheetos party at construction site -- just saw it for the first time tonight and he really made me laugh!, especially when he says, "i can still see you." and the cheetah replies == hilarious!

12. budweiser ads - especially the ones w/ the team of horses pulling the wagon -- even the one where the team of horses knelt in honor of the missing world trade center. that one made me cry, and it has never been shown on tv again as an advertisement. it might have been included in a "best of commercials" type show, but budweiser only released it once for advertisement and paying honor. -, a cutie one w/ a baby horse learning his position -, hank trying out for the team -, horses playing football -, men and their dogs -, replay horse football -, clydesdale donkey -, lamb streaker (hilarious!), and probably MANY more than i listed here!