Thursday, January 31, 2008

the biggest party yet

amazing as it may seem, we're planning the biggest party yet to happen at our house. it seems that so many parties end up here and we LOVE having people over and spending time w/ family and friends. we've had thanksgiving, christmas, superbowl, father's day, mother's day, and 4th of july plus just "come over and have some food and fun" get-togethers. but now, we're hosting the elliott family reunion for 2008.

that's right. the nebraska reunion is now going to be in missouri! we're probably going to have a hundred or more people here and we're so excited! we've got 3 days of fun and activities planned for all ages . . . including the elliott reunion auction. top secret word has it that evelyn is making one of her quilts for the auction. super-top-secret word is that the "missouri bunch" is pooling their money to make sure that no one from nebraska can take that quilt home w/ them!!! sounds like some excitement building there!

about 2 weeks ago, we sent out an invitation letter and a reminder of the reunion activities and dates. we're also collecting recipes for an elliott family cookbook to be distributed at the reunion, so everyone needs to get recipes collected and turned in to cindy to be included in the book. we've already heard from several people in the family and know that we're having family come from coast to coast -- even people we were so surprised to hear were making the trip.

we included this great group shot of the family, taken at the 2006 reunion when we went to nebraska and took evelyn w/ us. we had a great time on that trip, taking some time to do a couple tourist stops along the way, and i met many great people from jerry's family. after doing all the pictures from evelyn's 80th bday party, i knew these people from pictures and now i could meet them in real life. it was a great trip and provided the invitation to everyone there to visit us in missouri in 2008.

we are so excited for this event and the fun times, memories, and great pictures that we'll have. oh yeah, and hopefully and beautiful new quilt, too!!! it'll be a great june and a wonderful summer!

Monday, January 21, 2008

3 little gorillas

here are the 3 little boys that we are so proud of and enjoy spending time w/ doing special activities and having them out to the house. they are so much fun that we can't wait to see them again the next time! as soon as the weather gets nicer, we'll have even more fun things to do w/ them when we can be outside.