Thursday, July 12, 2007

life goes on

we've had some really neat things going on in our lives that i hadn't posted b/c of the court situation, so i'll get caught up on those events real soon. i've got some great pictures to post of events, too, so i'll sort and post those this weekend.

i'm going to full-time this fall at pitt state and also teaching adjunct for a local community college. it certainly allows me much more freedom that the typical teaching situation in a public school.

the further i am away from teaching in a public school and dealing w/ parents and politics, the happier i am. i recently talked w/ some family members who have children in the diamond r-4 district (where i used to teach) and got an ear-full of negative news about the district. after i left that family event, i was even more happy than ever that i left that place.

it was amazing the bad news they shared about so many people involved in the school district there -- deanna yokley demoted from administrator to classroom teacher, mark mayo (superintendent) not having his raise approved or his contract renewed, poor classroom instruction, angry and/or stressed out teachers, many teachers leaving for various reasons, etc. it was so disheartening overall. the only person they had good comments about was the new counselor there and said that he had done an outstanding job in getting scholarships for kids and working to get kids headed toward college. i'm so glad to be out of that cancerous situation, where negativity just seems to feed and fester until it brings everyone down.

as for me -- i'm taking 12 hours of college this summer. 6 hours toward a new grad degree and 6 hours of art. i'm loving it and learning so much (in the art classes!) that i can't wait to progress to higher levels of art classes.

jerry's doing good and had his 2nd best month of sales last month that he's ever had. that's always encouraging. he's had more 1st this last year than a person would believe!!! he had his highest month ever (while he was off the month of february for shoulder surgery and recovery!), great improvements on his job, new employees at work that know what they are doing, and so much more. even bigger events to come, too!!

scott is tranfering to pitt state this fall, so that will be a lot less driving back and forth to parsons for him! he's been working for a window company out of topeka for the summer and will work next weekend at the farm show for his out-of-town buddy as usual.

summer's family is doing just great and you can read all about them at their blog, which summer has finally started updating again recently! i'm not posting the address here b/c there are some people that we don't want to have it, but if you want to look and don't have the address -- email me and i'll send it to you!