Tuesday, November 07, 2006

surprise trip to grandma evelyn's in nevada

wednesdays are my usual days to keep the little girls while mommy and daddy go to school/work, so i decided to take a little field trip today. we packed up and went to nevada (nebada, bissouri in 3-year-old speak) to surprise grandma evelyn and jeff w/ a visit. we didn't stay long, but enough for grandma evelyn to hold and love on riahna and for jeff to color and play w/ raven. if i had to choose, i'm not sure i could tell who was really having the most fun!

raven was so tickled to see all of the postcards up on grandma evelyns entertainment center and she was glad to see there was another one that needed put up. grandma evelyn was telling her that she was running out of room for the postcards, but raven was making sure that she knew one would fit right here. uncle jeff went and got some tape for raven and she took care of putting the new postcard up for evelyn. i try to get a postcard of some picture sent out to our family members about every other week, so the window here is starting to fill up -- that's for sure!

raven loves to color, so it wasn't long before she had jeff down on the floor there coloring with her. amazingly, when her mommy colors with her, she acts like a little hitler. but she and jeff just colored and each did their own thing and that was fine. i just knew it would torque summer to see that raven doesn't boss everyone else around like then when they are coloring with her!

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raven wasn't feeling too good that day, but she felt good enough to color w/ jeff on the floor for a while. it was obvious by the look in her eyes that she was starting to really not feel good by the time we packed up to go home, but she insisted that she was fine -- she just didn't feel very good. she definitely wasn't feeling bad enough to miss dance class!

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Warren Bunch said...

And you would certainly never realize that she was going to have such a high fever that it would cause a seizure later that nite, huh? It amazes me how she can be fine, and then terribly sick, and then fine again, all in the space of 24 hours! -Summer