Wednesday, November 08, 2006

getting the little girls ready for bed

well, we had spent most of the day together on wednesday, as that is the day i normally have the girls. we went to nevada to see grandma evelyn and jeff, then home to change into dance clothes, then to dance class, and finally home to raven's house -- where mommy had a wonderful dinner sitting on the table for us all.

jerry had been out of town since monday, and i wasn't sure when he would be back b/c he was going to the webb city/carthage game in webb city w/ jacob on wednesday night. i was planning to go to see a famous photographer presentation at the psu tech center that night, and lucas and scott were going w/ me. the presenter (rick sammon) was very interesting and entertaining as well as giving lots of tips and tricks on how to get better pictures. since you all probably know that i love to take pictures -- i found it extremely helpful and worthwhile.

after we left the presentation, we walked back across the street to summer's house to get our cars and the girls were just getting ready for bed. raven was busy trying to brush her own hair while she sat on the couch wrapped up in a towel. riahna was all snugged up in a sleeper and just as happy as could be -- and she doesn't look the least bit tired to me!

summer had little riahna's hair up in a "topknot" for the day, so it was still a little wild after the ponytailer came out. didn't matter to her that her hair was sticking curled up on end, as she was just as happy and giggly as usual!

nope, before you even ask it, scott is NOT one of the little girls getting ready for bed. but he is a very popular uncle and wanted his hugs and kisses from each of them before we left for home.

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bedtime is just the best time for hugs and snuggles. it's the time that i most miss raven not living here, as there were many, many nights that we rocked us both to sleep before summer would take sleeping raven and head upstairs and i would move into my own room. nothing beats snuggling a tired and/or cuddly little one!

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was the girl in the red hat very hard to get to bed