Monday, November 06, 2006

just have to quit living!

that's it -- i'll just have to quit living. now before some of you get your hopes up, that doesn't mean that i'm intending to get dead in a real quick manner. the problem is that we're so busy in life, living our lives/dreams and enjoying our kids and grandchildren that i don't have time to blog it and keep it up to date. as it stands right now, i'm 2 weeks behind on blogging the events of our lives and posting appropriate pictures.

hopefully, though, i'll have time to get caught up some time this week -- depending on whether i'm having too much fun in life or not. at this point, i've got 21 events w/ pictures to post, so that'll take some time and effort. i'll send out notices to the important people when i get updated!

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Anonymous said...

mrs wonderful you get to get busy from mr. wonderful