Sunday, November 05, 2006

how ghetto is this?

well, jacob finally got a turkey. it wasn't a legal shot, though, and no bird to show for it. but this is what he does have to show for it . . .

a cracked grill on his expedition. he was driving out to our house and a bird flew up in front of him and he didn't have time to stop -- so he got his turkey. he was so ticked that it cracked the grill on his expedition that he had the duck tape out there taping the plastic back together. i haven't really figured out whether he was more irritated that he hit the turkey, that the grill on his truck was plastic, or that the bird cracked the grill -- it was all rather a blur.

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when i was teasing him about his duct-taped grill, he took my camera out there and took pictures for me so i could razz him long-term about it . . . i mean blog and scrapbook the event. he's getting much better about taking a good razzing without letting it get to him, and that's making a huge statement . . . especially if/when you read the post about having a flat tire . . . the one about him having a flat tire.

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