Sunday, November 19, 2006

jacob's chiefs game

this year presented us w/ a fairly unusual circumstance -- we had the opportunity to buy 1/2 of a set of season tickets to the chiefs games. now, these aren't just "any tickets" -- but tickets at a good location in the stadium. the deal was just too good to pass up, but jerry and i didn't really need and couldn't really afford to go to 5 chiefs games.

the solution? some chiefs tickets as christmas gifts! great idea! everyone was happy, we all had some adventures, and the games were all spoken for. with 5 sets of tickets and 3 kids, we planned to keep 2 sets for ourselves and then give 1 set to jacob for christmas, 1 set to summer and lucas for christmas, and 1 set to scott for christmas. we talked to the kids about it ahead of time and they picked the games they wanted to go to and it all just worked out great.

jacob jumped on the game between kc and the oakland raiders, the sunday before thanksgiving. he was pumped for the game, and obviously had a great time. he went up to kc the night before the game and stayed w/ derek, his best friend for years, and then went to the game on sunday. he had an absolute blast!

jacob at the game . . .

derek at the game . . .

jacob and derek together at the game, threatened upon pain of death to take pictures for my scrapbook. i must have been convincing, as jacob did a great job on getting me some great pictures to post and scrapbook. they had a great time, the game was really good, and everyone was very happy!

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