Thursday, November 23, 2006

summer and lucas at the chiefs game

well, again, it's chiefs game time. when told about the possibility of chiefs tickets this year, lucas jumped all over the chance to see the chiefs play the broncos. neither of them had ever been to a pro-football game, so i was sure it would be an experience. summer wasn't too thrilled at the idea of going on thanksgiving, but w/ dinner being at noon and the game being at 7 pm and w/ us spending that weekend in kc anyway -- it all worked out just perfect.

here is the happy (and adorable) couple at the game. again, they were threatened upon pain of death to take pictures for me to show on my blog and to scrapbook -- so they did a good job, too. so far, i've had success w/ 2 out of 3 kids, so we'll see if scott can live up to the standards set when he goes on new years eve!

h-m-m-m-m, these pictures are very reminiscent of the days when summer used to take pictures of herself all the time. i bet i have about 100 pictures that look almost identical poses at just different ages. i always knew when summer had held my camera for me when i got the film back from developing. now w/ digital cameras, i don't have to wait to see who was holding the camera!

almost, but not quite good enough . . . .

there, that's perfect. that's the one that mom's going to want.

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here i guess they imposed upon their neighbors at the game to take their picture for me. to hear them talk about the game, it was obvious that lucas had much more fun than summer did and he probably would've had even more fun if he had gone w/ someone else -- but that wasn't an option.

i thought summer would have fun if she would just go w/ the flow and enjoy watching the crowd, the people, and the game. there is usually plenty of action to keep a person busy, even if you're not a football fan. according to summer, she would've had more fun if they had left at half-time. that way, she was still having fun. but after half-time, the crowd had too much to drink, it was terribly noisy in there (hello? the noisiest stadium in the nfl!), and she was ready to leave.

lucas, though, was probably NOT ready to leave, so that's where the problem came up. i had told them not to worry about trying to hurry out of there, b/c no matter when you leave you're not going to get out of there in a hurry. a person might as well just wait on the game to be over and let the crowd clear out a bit before trying to get out. i find that it works much better for me/us to just wait it out rather than trying to make a run for it.

for the future, i'm sure that summer would probably not care to go again but that lucas would jump on the chance for tickets should they become available again. who know, maybe scott and lucas could make each other a deal or something -- after all, that way they could each go to 2 games. that is if we get another chance like we did this year!

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