Friday, November 03, 2006

just happy whenever and wherever

little riahna has the sweetest personality and is so happy all of the time. it's so much fun watching her as she takes on her own personality and her own attitudes, but you can always counts on her for the biggest smiles n omatter what!

she loves watching raven do whatever she is doing, she usually loves any attention raven gives her, and she loves to be talked to (where she now begins to talk -- gurgle, coo, and squeal) back to you. she also gives kisses if you kiss her on the cheek, but she turns and gives open-mouth wet kisses. but hey, they're kisses and she's quite happy to give them.

this particular day, raven was painting at the table in the kitchen and i had put riahna in the "baby hanger" (my name for this contraption meant to hold kids and keep them out of trouble but it's not a walker) so i could keep up w/ the 3-yr old who was swinging a paint brush around. i kept up a running conversation w/ riahna, and she was just cooing and gurgling and squealing back.

she was obviously having a good time, but her personality makes her so enjoyable to be around. until it's time for her bottle, that is. she gives you about a 3 second warning that she hungry and if the bottle is not prepared in the short amount of time -- she cries and has quite a temper tantrum until it is!

h-m-m-m, she must get that temper tantrum stuff from her daddy! maybe we'll get that worked (or beat) out of her over time. maybe on him too!

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