Monday, November 13, 2006

it's a 3-fer!

well, as you know, deer rifle season started saturday morning (11/11/06) at sunrise, and jerry got his deer at around 6:45 am. not even much after deer season had started. that led to quite a bit of good-natured testosterone smack-talking going on around here about who was where in the line of manlihood.

jerry said, "well, come on, pups. i've shown you how it's done." i would say that was the challenge issued and scott wasn't about to let a challenge issued like that get past him. so he definitely had to go out and show jerry up!

sunday evening, after the deer campers across the road had packed up and gone, scott and jacob went deer hunting while jerry and i went to town. we stopped by summer and lucas' house after grocery shopping and scott called while we were there. he said, "tell jerry to be prepared to be shown up. i shot 3 deer tonight within 10 minutes!" (and yes, for those wondering, scott DID have 3 deer tags, so he's legal to do that). he got a 6 point buck, a button buck, and a doe.

summer, lucas, and girls loaded up to come out and eat taco bell for dinner and see the deer, so lucas started snapping pictures before i got home.

this is scott w/ his tongue hanging out to match the buck that he shot.

here's a better picture of scott, but pretty much the same pose from the buck.

here's scott w/ the pose of "king of the deer hunters." here's where i started taking pictures and jerry was in the audience for scott to tell the story to while i was trying to take pictures.

here's scott posing w/ all 3 heads of the deer instead of just the buck.

obviously he was pretty revved up as he started telling the story of how he ended up w/ three deer and it sounded something like this . . . .

"well, this deer right here . . . "

"and then this one came out like this but i couldn't get a good broadside shot at it . . . "

"and as i reached to get my gun . . . "

"and then this one came out . . . "

"and i just went . . . "

"huh-huh, did she just take my picture?" well, duh, what did he think i was doing there w/ that thing that kept flashing every few seconds?

"anyway, i only had 6 shells (as he holds up 5 fingers)"

here's a shot of the enthralled and helpful audience that watched him clean his deer.

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no, raven didn't get to stay out there and watch (much to her disdain as she thought she must be missing something spectacular!). thankfully, though, jerry was kind enough to help scott finish up as there was a good storm moving in and it needed to get done much quicker than the 1-man show was working.


Anonymous said...

ok so the pup out shot the big dog. ok way till next year!!!!!!!!!!!jerry
p.s nice job scott

Anonymous said...

does that count as a coup for the dummies? i mean the pups? although one of the pups isn't doing so great! good luck jacob... get out there and get the biggest one yet!

Anonymous said...

3 at once?!!! If not for the pictures I would have thought that maybe this was an embellished hunting story! I want to know if you are going to mount the buck with his tongue hanging out and if so are you going to put the deer mounting right next to it!!

Good job Scott, even better job on meeting your Halloween goal, that is something to be very proud of.