Thursday, March 08, 2007

young up-and-coming artist

ok, now while this may not look as impressive as da vinci or raphael or rockwell -- this is the picture that raven, my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, drew for me yesterday while staying the day with me.

wednesdays are typically my day to have the girls for the day. i was trying to check my email and do a couple of things on the computer, and raven wanted some paper. she got out a couple sheets from the printer, scootched up in my lap, and began drawing. trust me, i get very little done these days other than playing, coloring, scrapbooking w/ raven, rocking riahna, etc. it's tough work!

she quickly filled the front and back of 2 sheets, and then held this up to me and said, "look memaw. i drew this for you. this is you and this is your house." she did all of this w/o any coaching.

now i know i'm a grandparent and sometimes we're just sickening in how special we think our grandchildren are -- but i have to admit that i think this is just pretty darned good for a 3-year-old.

granted, memaw only has 1 arm and no torso -- but it's definitely an identifiable stick figure. of course, if i just had a head, 1 arm, and 2 legs -- that would certainly help me on when i step on the bathroom scales!

the house is a little cockeyed -- but again, it's a recognizable house structure. who knows, maybe raven just thinks things are a little cockeyed at my house anyway!

after all, it's always better to follow the rules at memaw's house than at home! maybe that's because it's so much easier since there are fewer of them? or maybe it's just because memaw thinks the kids are perfect on their own?


Warren Bunch said...

rrrrwssssssmm msmsms mmmkskll;;;lslowotujg -- Raven

"It says 'I love you, memaw'"!

Warren Bunch said...

I think that this art is gorgeous. And developmentally speaking, it's neat to watch her evolve from bubble people to the bubble with stick people and now eventually on to the double-bubble (Head and torso) stick people! Pretty neat!

Of course, I'm sure you knew that it's developmentally advanced, as well, right? LOL!


Anonymous said...

i think it needs framed. just think someday it could be worth millions. great work raven.
grandpa jerry