Friday, March 09, 2007

made me laugh

i parked next to this car on campus the other day, and i have to admit it made me laugh. of course, i guess you have to be the right age to have played this game. probably the same people who were on a long trip with their parents, laying in the back window waving at strangers, protected by "mom's seatbelt" while jumping on the seats, stopping at rest stops, and begging for more pit stops and more munchies!

of course, it's spring time and i feel the urge to travel coming on strong. the sense of wanderlust hits me hard in the springtime -- especially if the weather is warm and i can hear the traffic of the highway. only thing that makes that more tempting is the rumble of fat pipes chanting "blub, blub, blub, blub."

yeah, i feel that day coming on stronger and faster all the time.

in case you can't read the license plate, it says "SLGSUM1".


Warren Bunch said...

Now wait one damn minute, Mom! Either we can play slug-bug or we can't! Are you encouraging this? - Sum and Scott

jill said...

now honey, you know this game was way out of fashion by the time you guys came along! you also sat in car seats and wore seatbelts and all those other things that i didn't have to!