Friday, March 23, 2007

summer and raven == cool girls on trike

i spent some time the other day looking through old pictures stored on the computer looking for examples of altered book artwork that i had done. i ran across some pictures that i had forgotten i had even taken. obviously, things around our house are not always conventional -- but they usually ARE fun!

sharing usually wasn't raven's strong point and she doesn't look too happy here in these pictures -- although i'm sure the look on her face is more from terror and possible stomach upheaval as mommy was tearing through the house on the tricycle. i saw a strong connection between her tricycle driving skills and her regular car driving skills. if i were raven at that point -- i would've been scared too!

summer and raven -- june, 2005.

i think the pictures are rather self-explanatory, but someday . . . summer will look back and these pictures and say to her kids (who will then think she is so old and so uncool) . . . "see, i was young and cool at one time!"


Warren Bunch said...

OMG! I CANNOT believe you put those up! How embarassing! Oh well, it was fun... And remember, Raven was laughing hysterically at one point!

jill said...

h-m-m-m, reminds me of the night uncle scott and memaw taught raven to play tag while you were out picking up dinner! definitely a fun night and something to remember!!!

Anonymous said...

some kids never grow up. hope you both always stay being cool girls.
grandpa jerry