Sunday, March 11, 2007

ogre achiever

this sign is near joplin, and every time i see it -- it just makes me smile. of course, my family has a special history w/ the shrek movies and characters.

now that little raven is here, she loves "chrek" as much as we do -- maybe more. shrek is just a movie that i don't get tired of, and each time i watch it, i see something that i hadn't noticed before.

i'm continually amazed at how many things the creative minds can think of to tie in together in the theme of the movie -- so many jokes that the adults get that go right over the heads of the kids.

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Warren Bunch said...

There's a billboard in Pitt that reminds me of Shrek... It's got so many layers on it that once, when the top layer peeled, you could see at least 4 other signs peeling underneath the top layer!

So, are billboards like onions? Cause, you know, ogres are like onions! Not parfaits or apples or anything else like that, just onions!