Wednesday, March 28, 2007

janus -- looking back and looking ahead

this beginning of the year analysis of what happened last year and what we hope will happen this year helps me see where we've been, where we're going, and where we're going to improve. jerry and i both feel very blessed in what we have together and w/ our family that we want to make sure that this is always a priority.

we had SO many great things going on last year and building such great relationships w/ our families. we have several new things in the works for this year, and jerry and i will be exploring several new possibilities for our futures in the decisions that we make this year. hopefully new things will grow that help us in the future and add a new dimension to our lives. we also have several plans for travel this year that we hope will provide us w/ some great memories and definitely some great adventures! maybe even some stories to tell our grandchildren!

we spend so much important time w/ our families, the kids, and grandkids. they are more important in our lives than they probably even know -- but we look forward to doing our special things w/ them this year and watching them grow and develop in their own lives. we enjoy making, creating, continuing traditions that keep us strong as a family and as friends.

we wish a very bountiful 2007 to all of our family and friends. this year definitely started better than others -- like 2004, the new year's day that lucas and i (and summer, too, but she likes to pretend she wasn't there!) lost the big screen tv out of the back of the truck!

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Warren Bunch said...

This New Year's was much better for us than any of the others! With Lucas' uncle last year and the TV and all the other drama, this year was a breeze!