Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a moment of rest

so proud and SO stressed at having had a picture accepted to a juried art show (juried by cynthia padilla) to be displayed at powell gardens, near kansas city. there is a show there for the months of march and april, on "orchids & hydrangeas". i'm just thankful that it's done and the stress/pressure is off of my back for now!

i'm going to a class at powell gardens in a couple weeks, also taught by cynthia padilla, and i can't wait to see/meet the other people in the class. several of them will also have artwork there.

there is an artists' reception on thursday, from 4 - 6, of that week where many of the artists will be available to meet and talk. jerry will be taking time off from work to attend this w/ me, as it's a fairly important event. ok, it's a very important event -- but i didn't want to sound too presumptious!

i'm really rather nervous about the art classes, too, b/c i've not been to art classes before and i'm used to being alone when i draw. that way, if i mess up -- there's no one there but me to see that! now i'm going to be in a room full of other people. what if i can't pull it together and draw on command? i don't know -- i guess i'll just have to go out for a coke or something!

i had a call from a local writer for the paper who wanted to interview me and put something in the paper about the artwork accepted into the show and something about me. i'm not sure when this will all happen (or even IF it will happen) but it was very exciting. maybe that's my 15 seconds of fame!?!


Warren Bunch said...

A Coke? What? Can you not spell "margarita"? Or "daiquiri"? Or are you afraid of impeding your artistic talent? That one I understand, I guess!

Katherine said...

Jill - I've attended a lot of art classes and I have to say that, although it can be frustrating at times when learning something new, for the most part classes with reputable tutors are hugely enjoyable. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that once bitten by the bug you won't look back. That's because it's also so nice to meet new people who are interested in the same thing as you!

Have a great time - I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

Natalie Ford said...

That is a beautiful picture!