Friday, March 09, 2007

our first tulip sprout!

the last saturday of february was a beautiful day, and we decided to hurry up and get the bulbs planted that we had purchased at powell gardens last fall on our trip there. jerry was really going stir-crazy from so little activity since his shoulder surgery and being trapped in the house -- so this gave the perfect activity to go out and do! it didn't take long and it didn't take much effort!

the next time raven was out and trying to play in the flower pots, i told her that she couldn't dig in there anymore because we had planted flowers in there. from that day on, she checked each time she was out to see if there was a flower growing.
after 10 days, she came running back into the house yelling "memaw! memaw! you have a new flower growing!!!" then she had to take each person out there and show them the new flower. after that, each day she would go back out to check on the flower and see if there were any new ones. we can always count on raven for a "flower update" when she's here!

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