Wednesday, March 21, 2007

daffodils -- spring has truly arrived!

well, we know that spring is truly here when daffodils are growing and blooming everywhere we look. we went up to nevada, missouri, the other night to see jerry's mother and family and saw that her daffodils in the front yard were just on the verge of blooming.

as we traveled up there, we stopped to take pictures of these beautiful daffodils blooming in the ditches near nevada. i needed to get some good pictures at different stages and different angles, too, because i promised to post some for my online groups when they started blooming here.

even more upclose pictures for people to see the details in the actual flowers. these daffodils were absolutely beautiful as examples!

more details and more angles of these blooming beauties!

we did have a few wild ones growing in our yard near the garden, but when raven went outside the other day and saw that they had bloomed -- she gladly picked them and brought them in for me! she was very proud of the little handful of 8 or so daffodils that she brought in, so i quickly got out a glass of water to put them on display.

the botanicalart yahoo group that i'm in has a monthly challenge, and the daffodil (narcissus) is the challenge for march. i'm going to try and get some daffodils drawn/colored and posted to the group for the challenge, but i'm not sure that'll happen. while this is spring break, it's not much of a break for me as i'm working extra hours at the 2nd job to cover for others who are off for spring break.

anyway, i sure am happy to see the arrival of the daffodils, as i was definitely ready for spring/summer after the winter that we've had this year! i heard it was the worst winter here in 50 years, and i could go another 50 years before having another like it!

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