Monday, February 07, 2005

a mary ass day

i'm not easily embarrassed, but today was a rare day in that category. and to do it up good, it usually takes ME to embarrass myself instead of someone else embarrassing me. that was my luck today with it happening in the main office in front of several other people -- what an experience!

there are several ways to be stupid, with each of them having their own causes and consequences! when i do something stupid and catch myself at it, i have a good laugh but make sure that no one else knows what happened. although sometimes i do something stupid and don't realize it until later -- but i DO realize it on my own at some point. but today's event was the worst -- doing something stupid and not realizing it at all until someone else points it out to me.

i needed to get something printed in the bulletin for the national honor society. i have a hard time making connections w/ mary ann in the office, so i just sent her an email. i zipped off a quick email to her w/ the info that i wanted included in the bulletin and thought all was taken care of. i didn't bother to edit or proofread it -- just sent it. it wasn't long before i found out just how wrong i was . . . . . .

later, as i was walking from the library back to my room, the secretary called out to me when i was near the office. i noticed several people were standing in the office talking seriously debating something and laughing/pointing at mary ann every now and then.

"hey jill!"

"yeah?" and i walked over toward the office window.

"come here."

"yeah?" and i walked over to the window and leaned in for her to tell me something.

"no, come here. walk around and come inside."

"what?" as i walked in the office doors and to mary ann's desk.

"you know how you give me a hard time about not reading my email? and not seeing your email?"


"well, take a look at that email and tell me what's wrong w/ it!"

i thought she was gonig to give me a hard time for being an english teacher and not using any capital letters in my writing. as i leaned closer to the monitor, i saw what caught her attention . . . i had addressed the email to MARY ASS. the bad thing was that she didn't know me well enough to know whether i would do that on purpose or not!

needless to say, i was terribly embarrassed. i had addressed someone by an incorrect name and it was a dirty word as well. my face was burning b/c i was so embarrassed. everyone in the office was having a good laugh at my expense. and the worst part -- i had done it all myself.

i was just having a MARY ASS day!

now, if this had happened to one of my students, i would've said, "see what happens when profanity becomes an accepted part of a person's vocabulary?" i guess it serves me just right!

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