Monday, February 28, 2005

i wish you could . . .

i received an email from a friend in michigan and he shared this poem that he had written. he knows i've been longing for a snow day, so he shared his "vision" w/ me by writing this poem and sending it on it's way. although he might think i would think he was just taunting me w/ the snow and snow days, i really enjoyed the visual imagery from the poem. i felt like the only things missing were the tight throat from breathing in too much cold air and the sense of peace that has settled all around is just like a blanket to wrap up the reader. . . . . .

I wish you could see the beauty
of a snow covered night,
See the stars in the sky
With the full moon so bright
Look, and the woods
at the back of the farm,
though a half mile away
shimmer, shine, and sleep.

I wish you could feel
the cold on your face
As you look to the Heavens
And ponder its space.
A snow flake, or two
Lazily falls
catching the light
twinkling, turning, and tender.

I wish you could hear
the stillness of night
when the world has slowed
and turned down the light.
It's quiet
and its silence

is thick.
pensive, passionate, and powerful.

It's cold outside, the moonlight beams
its rays across the way
Scattering diamonds across the field
upon its lace-covered tray.
The sheep are outside,
warm in their wool.
It's quiet and still...

and all is right.
I wish you could see
the beauty
of a snow covered night.

by Denny Grabill

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