Monday, February 28, 2005

february 2005 - 50 book challenge

well, the reading on the 50 book challenge continues, although not as quickly as i would like. it just seems like life interferes too much for me to get too much pleasure reading done. i have felt myself applying mental pressure about this challenge because i hadn't read the average number that i should have to get this goal accomplished by the end of the year. i realized that the pressure i was putting on myself was taking my fun out of reading as i was then reading for measurement instead of pleasure. when i stop and think about it, i know that my summer reading will so push me over the top on reaching the goal, as i tend to read a book a day for the first 2 weeks of august. it's a mad scramble, just trying to squeeze in all the last minute reading before school starts. so, i'm shooting for 50 books read this year, but i'm going to enjoy what i read rather than rase through them just to be able to list them.

5. hangman's curse -- by frank peretti. this book was recommended to me by a previous co-worker, but i didn't enjoy it too much. i think it might be good for the young adult crowd, as it seemed like a juvenile version of mcgyver for christian ghost chasers.

6. jewel -- by bret lott. excellent story from the oprah's book club selection that really touches the reader w/ the trials of being black and a young mother w/ children to raise. at the beginning of the book, the woman finds out that she is pregnant w/ their 6th child and wondering how they are ever going to make it.

7. a child called it -- by dave pelzer. i had read this book before, but after talking about it to a student i decided to read it again. it's a quick read, but definitely motivational. the book recounts the true-to-life tragedies that this small boy overcame to be a success in life.

8. faerie tale -- by raymond e. feist. i bought this book a long time ago, but loaned it out to a student before reading it myself. the student suddenly moved away, taking my book w/ her. it worked out that i hadn't ever gotten to read the book, so i recently bought it again to boost my order at into the "free shipping" category.

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