Wednesday, February 23, 2005

10 things i like/love about . . .

scott -- my 18 year old son.

i love his . . .

1. loving attitude
2. brilliant smile
3. positive outlook
4. sense of fun and play
5. outgoing personality and quick sense of humor
6. desire to be a good Christian and a good person
7. positive influence and love for raven, his niece who loves "un dot"
8. feelings of responsibility toward family and friends
9. sense of adventure and exploration (except when it prompts a trip to the ER!)
10. his smart mouth and smart attitude!

the possibilities are almost endless. but i could easily fill in 10 things about him that drive me nuts, too. some of them might even be the same things! trust me, a 500 mile road trip w/ someone who imitates donkey from shrek can certainly get on a person's nerves! then if i get upset, he cocks his head to the side and says (like donkey), "i think you need a hug!"

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