Sunday, January 30, 2011

planning out my life

i've made lots of new years resolutions over the years. this year, i decided to make fewer resolutions and be more determined about monitoring the achievement and getting the results.

one of the big things for me is to have a calendar to help keep me organized. it also helps me remember what i have covered in classes, when assignments are do, when to return papers, etc., when to pay bills, when paychecks arrive, plus all the normal calendar entries.

one of my resolutions this year was to make a conscious effort to make more artwork, to be more active in my art groups, and to keep posting stuff to my blogs (and not just fb!).

i made a special trip to joplin to shop for calendars. i knew what i wanted, but there was nothing there like that. one that i kind of liked was $60! i decided on one that was $20 and not really what i wanted, but at least it was purple!

as i have gotten older, too, i've thought of what i want my children and grandchildren to know about me some day. i thought this would be a great time to start incorporating my everyday life into what they might want to know. so, i am doing the best that i can to do some artwork EVERY day in my calendar that has to do w/ what's going on in my everyday life.

plus, i like this calendar better now that i thought i would, so i kept the sticker from the front to help me to find the same thing next year. a litte time every day (or most days) to try and do a little artwork (no matter how little) for my personal enjoyment now and for someone's enjoyment some time in the future when they look back in time.

my ulterior motive in working on this calendar in this manner is to help convince jerry that i need that "colossal journal" (that has the colossal price tag) so i can "document" things in our life for our kids and grandkids to look back on some day! wish me luck and we'll see how that goes!

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