Saturday, January 29, 2011

a day of dance

the little girls dance at jody phillips dance company, and they LOVE dance. on saturday, they had a full day a dance activities -- getting ready, practice at the studio, practice at the gym, a break for lunch, meet up an hour before performance, organize and practice performance again, line up, wait on the half-time, and then perform.

raven is 7 and this is her 4th year of dance. riahna is 5 and this is her 2nd year of dance. they really like all the dress up stuff, the glitter/glamour, the make-up, the actual dancing, and usually the performing. they are always showing off their dance moves when they are out to visit. sometimes, mommy (summer) even gets up and shows off her moves w/ them!

overall, it was a great experience. ALL of the dancers did a great job, but it was a long day for a lot of those little ones. raven really gets in to her music and dancing and does the full movement -- you can tell she really enjoys what she is doing. riahna likes the dance and is good, but she often gets distracted by what all is going on around her.

as it turned out today, riahna was too tired to dance at the performance and she just sat down on the floor and watched the others. i think mommy is a little upset w/ her and saying that this video clip will be going into her senior video, but those things happen. besides, she'll probably do more irritating things than this before graduating high school!

funny thing is that as a grandparent, it doesn't bother me. if it had been my kid, i would've wanted to choke her. either it's age, or life, or experience, or something, but those things just don't matter as much any more!

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