Monday, January 24, 2011

keeping it up

well, i'm less than a month into the new year, but i am doing fairly well at keeping up w/ the things that i'm trying to do -- blogging more regularly, creating and posting more artwork, writing or creating artwork each day, documenting life by journaling in my calendar.

so, if you look in my calendar, it will look like a picture book of appointments, activities, achievements, goals, and other updates. pictures inspired by the weather, doodles inspired by work or other activity of that day, logos for movies we're watching, etc. this is something that i think my family (grandchildren) will be interested to see some day.

i also agreed to post the "pay it forward 2011" on facebook, where the first 5 people to sign up on my list would get a handmade gift from me. i think i actually have 6 people on my list, but that's all good. i found out a couple days that i have a "pay it forward" gift waiting in my mailbox at work tomorrow. i'm so excited to see it that i can't hardly wait.

now, my dilemna -- do i make a return gift for each person whose list i am on, do i send them a thank you card through the mail, or do i just thank them online and post how excited i was to get their gift, etc.? i feel somewhat obligated to make them a gift, but i don't want to step on any toes. suggestions and comments are certainly appreciated here! i guess i'll just play it by ear right now and see how it goes!

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A Little Bit of Me-Time said...

I think I would do a blog post about my excitement at getting the gift and a photo of the gift.

And maybe explain for others reading your blog how the idea works.