Sunday, January 09, 2011

it IS official!

it is now official! my "50 x 50" list has now been changed to a "60 x 60" list. this change has come about for multiple reasons, but mainly b/c i realized that i was staring down the barrel of turning 50 (in 5 years) with way too many things to get done!

some (or many) of the things that i wanted to accomplish before i turned 50 have not happened as quickly as i wanted due to financial reasons or health reasons. by adding more time to my list, i was also able to add some new ideas to my list, too.

previously, i had trouble filling up the list of 50 things that i wanted to accomplish, but now my list is up to #55. still leaves me a littls time to add new things as they might arise in life AND i can always mark something off if my interests have changed. ultimately, the goal is to complete all these wonderful things by the time i'm 60 and have a scrapbook about them.

wish me luck!!!

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