Wednesday, October 25, 2006

shopping for quilt material

that's been the order for quite some time -- pick out some material so jerry's mother could make us a quilt. the quilt is actually for jerry's 50th birthday, which was last december, but she was running a little behind. then she started the quilt with some americana material that had already been picked out and jerry didn't like it at all -- so his mother told us to go pick out the material that we wanted.

we've known for quite some time that we were supposed to be getting this done, but we just hadn't gotten to it. when we went to kansas city and stopped to take evelyn out to breakfast, she also wanted to show me the quilt pattern that she had picked out for us so i would have an idea of what to expect and maybe make a difference in what colors we chose.

she had chosen the "jacob's ladder" pattern, which i thought was perfect since jerry's son's name is jacob. she gave us measurements of the amounts of material to get and then gave us the speech to get on it. she had been making rag rugs for quite some time, and her hands were really getting sore from that and she was wanting to start quilting again.

so, after the soccer game, we made a trip to famous barr (now macy's) to buy a deep fryer and then out east of joplin so we could head north on 71 hwy to find the sign advertising the quilt shop. it was just off the interstate in carthage, so it was easy to get to. jerry's favorite color is brown and mine is blues and purples, so we were trying to work those together somehow. that way we could both have something that we liked.

we ended up picking out 3 materials from the same line and are made to work together easily -- dark purple, navy blue, and tan. these colors then have all the same colors worked into the patterns on each one. i can't wait to see how it comes out. the didn't have enough material for the backing, so we had to order that and will pick it up soon. that's ok, though, b/c it'll be a little while before she gets the quilt done and is ready for the backing.

i'll post a picture when it's done, but i'm not sure when to expect that to be. she has started working on it already though, and showed me a practice block when we were up there last week. that made me even more excited to see the finished product!

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Warren Bunch said...

I keep thinking that maybe i need to go up there and quilt with her, because then I'll actually get some of my own quilting done!!! I just can't find the time for it, though!!! But I can't wait to see yours! She does such a good job! - Summer