Thursday, October 19, 2006

new underwear

uh-huh -- not what you thought, huh? well, it's amazing how important it is in a girl's life when she gets new underwear and at this age, she can still show them off, too. funny thing is, how do you explain to a toddler that SHE can't have spiderman underwear because those are only for boys? you can't -- not in any kind of sense that will get through to her.

so there you have it. little girls CAN wear little boys underwear and still be quite feminine about it. the first time raven had these underwear on, she came walking down the hallway and her mommy and daddy could hear a jingle. when they asked her what that noise was, she showed them that she could even carry quarters in her "special pocket' in her new underwear! i think you boys out there know what special pocket i'm talking about!

anyway, the other day when she was out to stay at my house, she told me as soon as she arrived that she was wearing her spiderman underwear. she was totally dressed in pink until she got in the house and stripped down to her underwear, but who would know it then!

she was quite content to run around for the day at memaw's in her underwear, even though i though it was rather chilly in the house and outside.

when it came time to get ready for dance, the little girlie-looking princess was all dressed up in pink -- pink dance leotard, pink tights, pink crocs, pink ballet bag -- and spiderman underwear, which were fortunately hidden by the dance outfit!

after all, who knows what you wear under there?
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Anonymous said...


too funny! Raven is just precious! I was laughing so hard my kids came running to see what was so funny! Thanks for sharing!

juliet said...

Good golly, she is a cutie patootie! And since they make "boy cut" undies for big girls, who would argue with her choice. Well, actually, a lot of people would, but I am thrilled to see that someone let her have them!


Anonymous said...

Ok, Lucas isn't so sure he likes that sexy little panty posing pic in the middle online! But he is sure that we have our hands full!!! -- Summer