Thursday, October 19, 2006

jerry's proof

i know that no one would believe it without this picture, but i went hunting w/ jerry last thursday morning. we were making plans for our 4 days off and jerry said, "hey, you want to go turkey hunting with me in the morning?" and i was thinking "oh yeah, about like i would like to yank out my own toenails!" silly me thought he was being sarcastic!

of course i didn't have any hunting clothes and there is nothing camo in my closet, so i had to borrow clothes to wear. i did have hiking boots, though, thanks to being a prom sponsor when the theme was "jungle" and we all dressed like tour guides. i borrowed jacob's bibs and jerry's sweatshirt -- and then was fully dressed in 2 layers underneath all that. it was a chilly morning out there.

it was really more like being on one of those wildlife shows, as i wasn't hunting and jerry had already gotten his birds. in our house, if you kill it, you clean it. since being elbow deep in animal blood and guts doesn't really appeal to me, i'm not really too thrilled to kill anything. the only things i would be interested in shooting don't have a hunting season, so i just don't bother.

we trekked out into the woods, sat in the cold, drank coffee and waited on the turkeys to show up. all i could think of during this time was bill engvall's routine about taking his wife hunting and she asked "what time will they be here?" obviously these turkeys didn't answer the invitation either, as they never did arrive.

we sat out there in the woods for about 2 hours waiting on them, but no luck. jerry had a turkey call and got one to answer back a time or two, but that was it. as we left the house, jerry had made me a thermos of coffee for the expedition, which was very nice and warm. while we were sitting out in the woods, jerry said, "i'm surprised you made it out of the house this morning without a coke." i just looked at him like he had lost his mind and pointed to the bulge sticking out of the front of my bibs that didn't match up w/ any body part.

what is he? totally nuts? yeah, i'll go out and sit in the woods and watch for a turkey with you, but do that without a coke in reach in case i need it? whatever!

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Anonymous said...

wanted to make a clear point to all. since i had already got my two turkeys. we was out doing some scouting for deer season. but had lots of fun having jill out in the woods with me. jerry