Sunday, October 29, 2006

serious artist

well, as you know, wednesdays are my normal day to keep the little girls while mommy and daddy go to school/work. so they usually arrive out here around noon, play, nap, play, get dressed for dance, and then go back to town.

taking a nap isn't raven's favorite activity, but one that she definitely needs if i want to make sure she lives through another day. although sometimes trying to get her to take a nap almost insures that she's not going to live through another day!!!

so, i usually end up promising her a special activity IF she takes a nap. she LOVES to paint (and draw and color and otherwise create), so a special treat is to get to paint. you can see from her facial expression that she is very serious about what she is doing and this is very important to her. she is very careful and very precise -- as if she knows just exactly what she wants to do.

while is may not be obvious to the "unexperienced eye" -- in the picture above, she is creating a circle. but after some careful consideration, she decided to make her circle much larger (as shown by the outline in the picture below!)

after she got the larger circle drawn around her previously painted part, she decided that she should go ahead and paint it as if it were a pumpkin -- regardless of the mauve color of paint. of course, this is a work in progess, but it also shows a very happy artist working on her pumpkin w/ a face!
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we keep her sketchbook/scrapbook out here for her to work on and save things for much later. i always put dates on the pages so that some day she can look back and see what she was doing at what age. i always thought that was so interesting myself to see how the abilities changed!

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