Thursday, October 19, 2006

end of the work week

last wednesday, 10/11/06, was the last day of work for the long weekend of fall break for me. i was really looking forward to this break, as jerry was taking vacation to match mine and we had a full weekend of plans and activities.

jerry and jacob had gone turkey hunting for the evening, as jerry was trying to help jacob scare up a bird to shoot. jacob is really feeling the pressure that dad got 2 birds (with one shot) and he hasn't gotten a shot at any birds yet, so that means more trips hunting and looking for birds!

i had dinner all ready and was just waiting on the guys to get in from hunting and decided to go outside and get some things out of my car. this beautiful sunset made it worth the trip to run back in the house and get my camera to take a picture -- a beautiful end of the day on the end of the work week and beginning of vacation for us.

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