Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 amigos have hunting fever

it's officially dove season here, starting on 9/01, so you know what has been going on at our house in the mornings and/or in the evenings for the last several days. this is the first chance jerry has had to go hunting in years, so he is really enjoying himself. jacob has also started spending more time with his dad and hunting a lot -- so this has been a a new experience for the both of them. on opening day, scott had to work that evening and didn't get to go hunting, but he hasn't let that stop him from going many other days.

this picture was taken on friday, 9/08/06, as the 3 of them were headed down to try and eliminate some of the dove population. they have been keeping a tally on the front of the refrigerator to document who has shot the most doves. my job is to keep track of the tally sheet and make sure that no stray marks get put on there! jerry's mother suggested another tally sheet of how many shells they went through, but they didn't go for that contest. part of their complaint is that sometimes they actually hit a dove and knock it down, but then can't find it if it lands in the beanfield. h-m-m-m-m, sounds kind of suspicious to me. but i've heard them hunt and i KNOW that there are a lot more shells shot than birds brought home. thank goodness we're not needing the meat to live on!

can you tell which one here is acting like a smarty-pants? h-m-m-m, i wonder? well, obviously, "my boys" are having a wonderful time just spending time together, competing for bragging rights, and just overall the fun they're having at hunting. i know, since i'm not a hunter, that this doesn't appeal to everyone -- but it sure fits these 3 for an evening of fun.

i can hardly wait until the next season opens. if i'm not careful, i'm going to have a houseful of hunters most of the time. oh well, that won't break my heart and that activity can certainly provide them with many hours of fun and build many special memories for them and makes for great relationships.

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Look at that bunch of winners! - Sum