Friday, September 15, 2006

Response to Anonymous

although i don't normally respond to comments from "anonymous," i decided to answer to this one because i wanted to make sure this situation was crystal clear to anyone else who might be reading my blog. usually someone who leaves a message as "anonymous" w/o a name in the comment box means it's someone that i wouldn't provide an answer to or care what his/her opinion was anyway -- but here it is.
At Fri Sep 15, 05:02:54 PM CDT, Anonymous said...
Why can you not show thier faces? Did jacob ask you? I guess I just don't understand.

to answer your question in jacob's words "yes, jill has been requested not to show the faces of my children on her blog because amanda and i feel that the children are in possible danger from their grandmother, due to the attempted kidnapping back in april, 2006. also, there is a pending court case w/ possible civil charges to be brought against melenda friel for this incident. we feel that anyone who is desperate enough to control others by using children as a weapon is not a safe person for the children to spend time with. if she is not a safe person for the children to be with, she doesn't need to have access to their pictures, either -- and neither do those people in the family who have chosen to believe her lies on this issue."

as far as MY trusted family and friends, they have another address where they can go and see my pictures of our family. that way, i can still share pictures w/o breaking jacob and amanda's request to not post their children's pictures to this blog.

if someone doesn't understand the incident -- the details can be found HERE.

my children were kidnapped by their father when they were 11 and 13, and i certainly realize the fear and terror that a parent feels when someone else has the children and will not return them as requested. my situation with my children went on for longer and had to involve court orders to return them and the police to take them away from their father and hand them over to me -- but the fact remains, it is terrifying to not know where your children are and/or if they are safe. NO parent should have to go through this experience.

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