Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a night out w/ rockapella!

well, we had another fantastic sunday, filled with family, friends, and good times. jerry's sister, judy, had her 60th birthday party at chicken mary's from 2 - 4, so after church and a change of clothes we headed that way. jerry and i went, my kids went, and jacob's family went -- so we got to spend some time w/ the grandkids.

after the party, amanda went on home w/ johnny and joey while jacob and jimmy stayed around here to hang out w/ us for the evening. we had tickets to go see Rockapella at memorial auditorium in pittsburg, so we took jacob and jimmy w/ us for that show. it was absolutely amazing!!!

rockapella can sing and charm a mixed audience of age, race, and gender to provide a fantastic and unbelievable concert experience.

this group of 5 very talented musicians provides a wide variety of music, all without any musical accompaniment. one group member functions as the rhythm section and amazingly sounds like the whole drum section. another member provides the bass for the songs as well as some vocals.

if you haven't ever had the chance to hear/see rockapella, you can check out their website and hear some samples. while you might think you've never heard them, i'm betting that you've actually heard them on several commercials and shows, but just didn't know it was them.

the show was totally fascinating for the whole family!!! jimmy and raven were dancing and rocking to the beat, right down to clapping and "whoo-ooo-ooo". they were amazingly cute! here's a picture that jerry took of us -- i'm holding riahna, lucas is behind us, then summer, raven, and jacob holding jimmy. you'll just have to take my word for it that jerry was there b/c someone had to take the picture!

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