Tuesday, September 12, 2006

grandparents' day - september 10, 2006

what a day! while i was too young to remember anything of importance that jimmy carter might have done while he was in office, he did one thing that stands out for many people -- he implemented a day to honor and celebrate grandparents.

we (jerry and i) are wonderfully blessed w/ 5 grandchildren, 3 grandsons from jerry's son (jacob) and 2 granddaughters from my daughter (summer) -- ranging in age from 5 years down to 4 months. when they are all in the house -- it makes for a lively evening.

since this last sunday was grandparents' day, jacob brought the boys over to go to church w/ us and then out to dinner at chicken mary's. after a nice little nap, then jacob and the 3 boys headed up to grandma evelyn's house in nevada.

they had a wonderful time there and grandma evelyn was so thrilled to have the surprise company. amazingly, jacob was the only grandchild that she heard from on grandparents' day -- so that made his visit w/ the boys that much more special for her. plus the special time of having her visit w/ her 3 grandsons!!! she was in heaven!

summer and lucas had been to branson for the weekend, initially to spend time w/ "the dark side" but that fell through and they spent their time there together as a family. they were back by mid-afternoon on sunday, but waited to come out to our house until nap time was over.

here is a picture of jerry and me with 4 out of 5 grandchildren; unfortunately, i have been asked to not show the faces of jacob's children on my blog b/c of the attempted kidnapping incident from this last spring where jacob's mother took the kids and held them against the parents' wishes. due to that incident, i am unable to proudly display their pictures here with the rest of the family.

if you are interested in reading about that day, you will find it HERE.


Warren Bunch said...

It's too bad you couldn't post the picture without the alteration. It was just too cute! It definitely captured the personality of all the kids!!! - Sum

Anonymous said...

Why can you not show thier faces? Did jacob ask you? I guess I just don't understand.