Saturday, March 05, 2005

BTK arrested and confessed

BTK has been quite the news topic here lately, and the info is just amazing. we watched a special on tv last night about the killer and the things of his life. summer and i watched the show and talked about the time that we lived in wichita while the BTK murders were going on. the more info i see and/or read on this case, the more amazed and horrified i am.

this murderer bound/tortured/killed his victims, either murdering only one or murdering the whole family at the same time. the weird thing is that none of his victims struggled, meaning that he had some strong form of control over them. i can't imagine what would make someone NOT want to struggle. binding/torturing/killing one or more people and all this w/ no form of struggle? the news media is implying that he had some strong physical control over them, but what could it be?

the other really weird thing is that the killer was a respected, productive part of society. he was a deacon in the church, a scout leader, a husband, a father, and more. how could someone like this, someone who loves his own family, torture and kill someone else's children and do it in front of the parent? how could a person live w/ a killer and not know it? how would this man have time to enjoy torturing a family for several hours before killing them and no one wonder where he was? how could he go home and face his own wife and children after killing someone else's wife and children?

the whole situation makes me look around at the people i know and wonder who is hiding "dirty secrets" and who is capable of these things. maybe i'm lucky, and no one that i know is capable of these things, but a person does wonder after something like this. after all, i do have contact w/ people from the hotel, from school, other students. students' families, etc. as horrible as it may sound, i'm sure one of those people is a dangerous person toward society or to others. overall, it's making me feel just a little paranoid right now. not that i'm going to change any of my activities or associations because of it, but it does make me wonder these things as i go to work at school and at the hotel.

i find it horribly fascinating when someone so productively "involved" in society is actually a menace to society as well. what would trigger the change from motivator to menace? i wonder if he had any control over these changes or if he was just totally out of control during these events. i know he's stated that he is searching for fame, something to equal other killers like jack the ripper. he hadn't killed for several years, but just decided to start dropping clues again. these clues are the ones that did him in.

something really weird that we were discussing was the fact that he was able to torture and kill and individual or a family w/o them struggling or showing no signs of struggle. i can't imagine lying there, waiting on my turn or listening to one of my loved ones suffer, and not struggling against him at all. in fact, i'm thinking that i might be one of those people that just makes a captor kill me quick. i would not be worried about the getting dead part, but the getting dead at their leisure would just be unfathomable. that amount of cooperation would just be beyond me! and i think i would just be too stubborn to let them have that control.

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