Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tuesday Ten - 10 television commercials i don't like

guess i couldn't stop at 10 . . . and i didn't even mention the jcpenney ad for 2.2.12 where people were just screaming "NOOOOOOOO!" that one drove me nuts, but at least i knew that 2.2.12 would be the end of it!

1. suburu ad - says "When you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on" pisses me off! makes me feel like they are saying that people w/ more children in the car deserve a more dependable car instead of people w/ just one child or w/ no children!

2. all virgin mobil ads - just stupid overall, like pigs eating their dead friend, full-grown man being carried in a baby strap by another full-grown man, shipping the kid in a pet crate for an airline flight.

3. 21st century where they destroy or damage 2 cars w/ identical stuff

4. all t-mobil ads - especially when the outfit worn by the chick directs the eyes to her boobs and her crotch.

5. ads w/ keith stone w/ progressive ad

6. ads w/ nationwide "too happy" host that talks about vanishing deductibles - "nationwide is on your side"

7. state farm singing ads "like a good neighbor, state farm is there in your office." and then the people are teleported to the office and away from danger.

8. J G Wentworth - opera style singing of "i have a long-term settlement, but i need cash now!"

9. i'm a phoenix . . .

10. old spice commercial w/ the black man narrating and acts like he is so cool.

11. h and r block second look

12. happy bob after he took medication for erectile dysfunction

13. dish network, the group of people (both old and young) who start dancing when they find out their deal on their service.

14. commercials by the guy who did the "slap chop", who was also arrested for beating his girlfriend, and now has another one for a kitchen gadget.

BONUS --- all ads about erectile dysfunction, tampons/pads commercials, douche commercials, hemorhoid commercials, menopause commercials, stomach medicine, i am constantly criticizing the ads, even talking to the tv to express my views and feelings about their pathetic commercial!

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