Saturday, April 07, 2007

big girl work boots

holidays are never dull at our house, and this includes ANY gathering of family and/or friends. we had my family easter gathering on palm sunday at our house b/c we were going to nevada for jerry's family on easter.

most holidays bring something special for the kids and easter brings lots of stuff. little riahna was very proud to show off her "big girl work boots" that the easter bunny brought her. now she can really help work cattle when she goes out to the farm to play. in no time at all, uncle kirk will have to make riahna her own sized cattle prod. that way both little girls will have sticks to whack things, animals, or other people w/!

not even 1 year old here and getting her decked out for some serious dirty work! looks like trouble to me!!!

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Warren Bunch said...

And the look on her face says "What are you people doing to me?" How funny! And look at how different she looks now!