Friday, December 01, 2006

snow angels

this has really been the first time raven has gotten to play in the snow. we haven't hardly had any snow since she was born! just ice storms!! she got a sleigh-shaped sled for her 2nd christmas, when she was about 16 months old -- and we had to pull her thru the house so she even got any use out of it!

she was so excited when it started snowing. she would open the door and snatch a handful of snow and eat it, but suddenly her hands were cold beyond her tolerance. she was suddenly crying and they had to run warm water on her hands to get them warmed up. i guess she just didn't notice they were cold until they were too cold -- all in excitement over the snow.

friday morning, summer and lucas got the girls all dressed up to go outside and play in the snow. yeah, riahna is not going much playing -- but they wanted her to be a part of it. so they dressed her up in her little snow suit and took her out on her blanket. she slept thru their whole play period, which was probably only a few minutes.

here's daddy (lucas), making a snow angel and trying to convince raven to stay outside and play with him. shortly after they got outside, lucas and raven were throwing snowballs at each other. right as lucas threw one at raven, she fell . . . which put her face right in the path of the snowball he had thrown. so, daddy hit raven in the face w/ a snowball, and she was done playing. it wasn't fun anymore!

here's daddy and raven, posing together to get their pictures taken in front of their house.

now here's mommy and raven together, posing for daddy to take the picture.

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ok, that was 30 minutes of work to get them ready for 5 minutes of fun and then whatever other time they had to stay outside for pictures before they could go inside and get warmed up! probably an overall exhausting experience for everyone involved, but a definite memory maker as raven hasn't forgotten that daddy threw a snowball and hit her in the face!

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Warren Bunch said...

In fact, later that nite as he was putting her in bed, she said in the most pathetic voice "Daddy, don't hit me in the face with snowballs anymore cause that hurts and it's not nice!" Of course it makes Mr. Sensitive (at least where his kids are concerned) feel sooo guilty!!! I bet she brought it up 5 times that day!!!

Oh, and it was much more than 5 minutes... It was about 15, or a little more... After all, we had to play and do snow angels, and then stumble around, and then throw snowballs, get hurt, take pictures, measure snow drifts, and then go inside....