Friday, December 01, 2006

no more snow fun

ok, that's it. i'm done playing in the snow and i'm going in the house!

raven was soon wrapped up in her fuzzy blanket, getting ready to watch some cartoons.

now that she's in the house and bundled up w/ her blanket to watch some cartoons, a piece of fuzz will make the whole world better. for those of you who don't know raven, she likes "fuzz" like some kids like blankies or that special toy. she just likes a piece of polyfill to rub on her face. i can't for the life of me understand what is soothing about having the piece of fuzz tickle my nose -- but she likes it and keeps fuzz hidden everywhere!

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mommy and daddy are hoping that raven gets tired or the fuzz or gives up on the fuzz before riahna is old enough to pick up on the same habit! i guess it could happen . . . . but probably not!


Warren Bunch said...

As you can tell from this picture, she had to get "maked" (naked) so that she could warm up good... She's spent this whole weekend naked in the house! Little dork!

SideShowMom said...

She's a cutie! For me it was the satin blanket binding, for my Rianna, it was a TY camel's tail that she sucked on like a binky! Yeah, we went through the 2-3 year-old naked baby thing, 2 times! Just can't keep clothes on them!!!