Tuesday, April 05, 2005

10 sounds

10 sounds that please me
1. laughter, especially baby giggles
2. the voices of my children/grandchild
3. music -- almost every kind
4. church bells
5. rain (especially following a huge thunder and lightening display)
6. mockingbirds (or any birds, really) in the early morning
7. someone singing/humming/whistling because of happiness
8. crackle of a fire
9. purr of a kitten/cat
10. rumble of bike w/ big pipes or a hotrod motor

10 sounds that annoy me
1. whining voices -- no matter who it is whining!
2. cell phones in the classroom or w/ annoying ring tones that they take forever to answer
3. the telephone ringing
4. the bells at school
5. the ding of the school intercom in my room
6. the noise of the school cafeteria
7. lawnmowers/weedeaters/chainsaws/4-wheelers
8. trains that pass through the peace and quiet, especially at night
9. glass shattering on the tile floor
10. beep! beep! beep! this is only a test. this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. if this were a real emergency -- i don't know what i would do. i change the station before they say any more because this is so annoying!

10 sounds that my grandparents wouldn't have heard in their time
1. thumping bass in stereo systems
2. cell phones
3. excessive profanity
4. a house alarm
5. rap music
6. disrespectful tone of voice from their family
7. the hum of an electric car
8. pagers
9. computers - chimes for chat
10. mp3s or midi music

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