Friday, April 01, 2005

10 children's songs

10 children's songs that were important to me when i was little -- this came about as i was listing the 10 songs that brought back memories because these songs are so "attached" to the people who sang them to me. each song and each person were/are so special to me and in making me the person i became.

1. animal fair - mickie sang this song to me all the time. i think she made up some of her own verses, though, and they're a little silly.
2. daisy, daisy - grandma daisy campbell, danor's mom, sang this song to me and i just thought it was so cool that there was a song named after her.
3. bushel and a peck - both of my parents sang this song to me and i sang it to them. just another way to say "i love you!"
4. you are my sunshine - grandpa darrell sang this song, and even though he wasn't a very good singer, it still made me feel special.
5. farmer in the dell - mickie sang this song to me when we traveled in the truck so much.
6. puff the magic dragon - by peter, paul, and mary. was popular on the radio during my childhood, and i loved it!
7. big rock candy mountain - by burl ives. what a song -- a mountain made out of candy. i couldn't imagine anything better than this!
8. this old man - mickie sang this song to me. another thing to keep me busy in the truck.
9. there was an old lady who swallowed a fly - grandma daisy sang this song w/ me as we spent many hours doing important tasks - like playing the paino and singing, counting pebbles in the sandbox, looking at picture books, and reading stories.

10. the air force hymn -- off we go, into the wild blue yonder - grandpa darrell sang this song every time he mentioned oswego, ks, and then he would sing "os-we-go, into the wild blue yonder." i didn't know for many years that this song was NOT really about oswego, ks, but saying something different totally. fortunately, i was very little, so that made it ok.

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