Monday, January 31, 2005

50 book challenge

ok, this is a challenge that i couldn't ignore -- 50 book challenge to read/record/blog 50 books read this year. since i'm starting this in january, i'll list them each month. hopefully that will remind me to keep my list up!

1 - 10 big ones -- by janet evanovich -- i've waited a long time for this book to come out in paperback, but finally gave out and let my son buy the hardback for me as my christmas gift. i just couldn't stand the suspense any longer. the book was good in the typical evanovich style using humor to convey the story.
2 - when will jesus serve the pork chops? -- george carlin -- an excellent collection of essays from carlin's brilliant mind. i especially loved his poem "a modern man" that starts the book off. carlin is an wonderful wordsmith, who uses a great variety of vocabulary to create the visions/feelings that he wants you to have. again, i am amazed by the man's mind and personality. but this book is not for everyone, as he openly criticizes the public, american society, christians, and uses profanity as he pleases.

3 - worst-case scenario survival handbook: college -- by joshua piven, et al -- this book was recommended to me by a student who just loves the sarcasm and wit contained w/i this book. i did get a few laughs out of the book, but being a sarcastic practical joker, i wasn't as impressed w/ the suggestions as he was. in fact, i'm fairly sure that i could've come up w/ most of those things and some other things on my own.
4 - the curious incident of the dog in the night-time -- by mark haddon -- i have to read this book for class on administration of special education services. the teacher assigned this book b/c it tells the story of a child w/ asperger's syndrome and the things that he deals w/ in his everyday life. it also portrays how society treats people w/ special needs. we're supposed to only read a few designated chapters each week, but i knew that i couldn't do that. the suspense of dragging out a book for a whole semester would just kill me!

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