Saturday, August 22, 2009

watermelon from our garden

so far, here is our prize winner (for us!) -- a 21 pound watermelon from our garden. we haven't grown very many watermelon and haven't grown them for farmers' market, but just for us.

jerry has been just dying to pick this one and checks it each time we're outside. i used to laugh at my grandpa burger for checking his watermelon patch several times a day, but now i know why! they really change from morning to evening.

we cut this watermelon for our dessert last night when summer, lucas, riahna, and rain were here. it was very good, but would've gone passed its prime if we had waited much longer. now we have about 30 or so more out there that we need to be getting picked!

anyone like watermelon? now you know what we'll be serving for the next week or so at our house!

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